Gonzalo Gonzalez-Pumariega



MS Student

Cornell University

I am a 2nd year M.S. student at Cornell University in the Department of Computer Science. I will be starting my PhD as a 2nd year in the same department next semester. I am advised by Sanjiban Choudhury and work in the PoRTaL lab.

My research efforts are towards equipping robots with the ability to learn how to interact with humans and the world. I am interested in methods for (1) acquiring knowledge and (2) applying knowledge. I am currently working with LLMs for planning.

If you’d like to talk, email me!

selected publications

  1. tp_demo.gif
    MOSAIC: A Modular System for Assistive and Interactive Cooking
    Huaxiaoyue Wang , Kushal Kedia , Juntao Ren , and 14 more authors
  2. 2023_demo2code.gif
    Demo2Code: From Summarizing Demonstrations to Synthesizing Code via Extended Chain-of-Thought
    Huaxiaoyue Wang , Gonzalo Gonzalez-Pumariega, Yash Sharma , and 1 more author
    In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 36 (NeurIPS 2023) , 2023